Dose Up on Horror: 5 Horror Short Hits That Are Free To Watch

Curated by horror filmmaker and festival director, Samantha Kolesnik, here are 5 memorable and noteworthy horror shorts available online, right now, for free.

That’s right. Free horror. How can you go wrong?

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Meet the World’s Worst Satanists Ever with Jason Tostevin’s Born Again

This highly-awarded horror comedy from Hands Off Productions opens with a breathless performance by Ellie Church and ends with a subversive belly laugh. You won’t forget Randall Greenland’s hilarious performance as Greg. You can read PopHorror’s review of the film here.

Watch Born Again here via Short of the Week.


Take a Trip Back to the 1950s (If You Dare) With Emma Bell’s Scratch

This award-winning short is the directorial debut of Emma Bell (The Walking Dead) and stars Bel Delia as a repressed housewife who makes a horrifying discovery from inside the walls of her house. The tidy, pastel 1950s decor belies a sinister secret behind this picture-perfect marriage. You can read PopHorror’s review of the film here.

Watch Scratch here via Vimeo.

Learn the Spirit of Christmas (or else!) With Humbug

Milly Sanders incites serious laughs as a Christmas fanatic on a mission in this comedy horror short directed by Justin Lee and Matt Thiesen, which Sanders also wrote. You’ll never look at Christmas carolers in quite the same way ever again. Bah, humbug! You can read PopHorror’s review of the film here.

Watch Humbug here via Vimeo.


It’s Never “Just One Beer” After The Carnival

A gritty and shadowy short horror film, The Carnival, directed by Van Maximilian Carlson, follows a seemingly driftless man (played compellingly by Flannery Lunsford) as he encounters a shy young woman at the local carnival. Flannery Lunsford’s natural performance is of particular note and begs the question of why he isn’t in more horror films.

Watch The Carnival here via Vimeo.

Think Twice About Judging Others with Lucy Campbell’s Squeal

The old saying, “If you don’t have something to nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” is put into terrifying practice in horror short Squeal, directed by Lucy Campbell. This film shows the vengeful side of two circus performers after a brief encounter with a pesky bully. Campbell knows how to make us squirm in limited time, putting every scene to use with mouth-agape tension.

Watch Squeal here via Vimeo.

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