Delusion (2016): A Devilish Rebound

The unexpected death of a spouse can have a devastating impact leading one to seek consoling answers in an attempt to fill a void with closure. The emptiness felt in the wake of such a loss is a very true-to-life terrifying human experience. The final stages of grief and what can happen when answers are sought in the wrong places is portrayed in Christopher Di Nunzio’s 2016 horror/mystery, Delusion.

Three years following the death of his wife, Frank (David Graziano) is still working through the final stages of grief. Though he finds it easier to talk about Isabella (Carlyne Fournier), Frank still struggles with the final days of her life as well as the thought of moving on. Never a strong believer of the spirit world, Frank thinks back to Isabella’s sudden fascination of spirituality before her death. Beginning to question if there is an afterlife, the grieving widower visits Lavinia (Irina Peligrad), a psychic who warns him of deadly things to come. When Mary (Jami Tennille, American Poltergeist), a mysterious younger woman appears, Frank convinces himself to move on while falling for a rebound that could lead to his own peril.

While some gore horror fanatics may find Delusion to be disappointing, there is enough mystery, intrigue, and charm while exploring the human response to a tragic loss for fans of substance to find appreciative. Peligrad brings an outstanding touch of mysticism to the screen while Graziano and Fournier are great in their roles with believable chemistry. However, it is the devilish Tennille who helps drive the film’s darker side portraying a seductive antagonist shrouded in mystery. Her performance gave the film a darker edge while earning her the best actress award at the 2016 Shawna Shea Film Festival.


Possibly the most compelling element to Delusion is the use of cinematic jump cuts. This technique successfully created a strange dream-like feel as if following the broken psyche left in the wake of Frank’s loss. However, the film slightly loses focus at times as it fights to find a balance between reality and illusion. While these scenes help to keep the audience guessing, more questions than answers are left by the time the end credits roll.

Final Thoughts

Despite some of its shortcomings, Delusion is a film with heart. With a touch of supernatural noir, a notable cast and enticing cinematography, this film has won 4 awards and 1 nomination. Horror fans with diverse taste will find appreciation and admiration for this feature, which is currently streaming on Amazon Video.

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