Blood In The Snow 2017: ‘Don’t Click’ – Horror Short Review

Directed by Ghey Kim, Don’t Click is a horror short with a message that will stick with you long after the credits roll. In a time where the internet can be a scary place and curiosity can kill the cat, its call to action is a needed one. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a caption on a link that caused you to click on it? Keep it up if you read that caption, knew you shouldn’t click, and clicked anyway. Is your hand still raised? Well, you would not survive the test of this short film’s content.

The official synopsis:

A young man watches a snuff film sent to his email. When the film stops half way through, he has the option to continue. To find out what happens next, all he has to do is click.

Upon receiving a link to what looks to be a snuff film, the main character begins to watch. He sees a young woman being terrorized in a dark and seedy basement. Then, just as it’s about to get gory and violent, she turns to the camera and screams, “Don’t click!” Had this been me, I would have heeded the warning and probably not clicked on the initial video to begin with. While I love horror, I am not a fan of real life violence at all. However, our star of the show ignores the warning when the link to continue watching pops up. What happens when he clicks it?

I believe that this short film serves a purpose in today’s society and asks an important question. Are we all just one click away from our own demise? Can curiosity really kill the cat? Check out Don’t Click and you be the judge. I guarantee you will think twice before clicking on any questionable links again!

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