Coming Soon to VOD: Li Xiaofeng’s ‘BACK TO THE WHARF’ (2020)

Coming soon to VOD from Red Water Entertainment and director Li Xiaofeng (Ash) is a new Crime Drama: Back to the Wharf. The film stars Yu Zhang (Dying to Survive), Jia Song (Red Cliff), and Yanhui Wang (Dying to Survive).

Here’s a look at the poster art!

Back to the Wharf (2020)

BACK TO THE WHARF (2020) Synopsis

Fifteen years ago, Song Hao, a top student in high school, went into hiding after being falsely ID’d for a murder he didn’t commit. As he returns to his hometown as a grown man, it seems that everything has gone back to normal. His reunion with his old classmate Pan Xiaoshuang casts a bright light on his gloomy life. She provides him with warmth that gradually tames the crashing waters beneath the surface. He decides to start his life anew and reconcile with his father, in order to find the truth about the unspeakable past that he ran away from.

Check out the trailer below:

Back to the Wharf (2020) will be available on January 17, 2023.

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