Coming Soon to Digital: Ethan Cartwright, Jacob Kiesling, and Zach Schlapkohl’s Horror Comedy, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us’

Coming soon from Distribution Solutions and directors Ethan Cartwright, Jacob Kiesling, and Zach Schlapkohl is the new horror comedy,  What Doesn’t Kill Us. The film stars Peyton Paulette (Teacher’s Lounge), Maggie Abernethy-Duffin, Jolynn Austin, and Trenton Bennett. It will be available June 14, 2022.

What Doesn't Kill Us


Getting a job promotion. Running for governor. Making it to the MLB. None of these are easy, but when you’re a rehabilitated zombie (excuse me, necrosapian), let’s just say – being dead was way easier.

Check out the trailer below:

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