Cinepocalypse 2019 Review: Ali Mashayekhi’s Short Film ‘One In Two People’

The first film I watched for Cinepocalypse 2019 was Ali Mashayekhi’s One in Two People. As I have stated a few times, I am a fan of shorts. They are my favorite films hands down. However, when I get asked to watch them, more times than not, I have no idea what the film will be about. Usually, I just get the title and not much more. I love the element of surprise and not having any pre-conceived notions of what the story will be. The title alone intrigued me enough to pick it. Was I pleasantly surprised or did the short fall flat?
One in Two People film poster

Film Synopsis: 

Emily is surrounded by her friends as she reveals her dark secret.

One in Two People was written by Oswald Mahogany (Merging With the Infinite 2019) and directed by Ali Mashayekhi (The Pretender 2005). The film stars Ashley Leggat (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen TV series) as Emily as well as Adam Tsekhman (DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow TV series) as Matt, Katie Boland (The Zack Files TV series) and Jade Hassouné (Shadowhunters TV series) as Lars.

The film runs under seven minutes. It opens with a group of friends meeting at Emily’s home, per her request, in a self-proclaimed intervention, if you will. Emily is a mentally ill woman who is afraid to go into her room. She believes something in there is trying to kill her.

A few of her friends are understanding, but, at the same time, they just want to go in the room to appease Emily that nothing is there so they can go on with their night.

Matt is the most vocal and adamant about Emily being crazy. He believes that she is off her meds, doesn’t want to be helped and that this is just another ploy for attention. Lars is an assumed ex-boyfriend but still cares for Emily. He wants to help her, so he goes into the bedroom. When he doesn’t come out, the others enter the room to search for him and find out what exactly is going on. Is there someone – or something – in there waiting to kill them? It’s there that they find some surprises and revelations about Emily here.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed One in Two People immensely. It is a realistic portrayal of mental illness and how it affects not only the patient, but the people around them. The characters are dynamic and strong. The performances are solid and well-portrayed. The pacing is perfect. There isn’t any lag time, but it wasn’t rushed at all. It has great build up and suspense, and I didn’t see that ending coming at all!

This is a film that is relevant to current times. We need more exposure to mental illness and health. This film puts it all out there realistically and honestly. The twist at the end is fantastic.

Final Thought:

If you have an opportunity to see this film, please do!

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