‘Cherokee Creek’ (2018) Movie Review: Nonstop Boobs, Booze, and Blood!

Not long ago, I was asked to check out a new creature film called Cherokee Creek. I went into it blind, and it definitely took me by surprise. I love creature features, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this one before.

But is that a good or bad thing? Find out!

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This unique new monster film is from Movie Mafia Productions and was directed/written by Todd Jenkins. He is also stars in the film along with Billy Blair, Justin Armstrong, Terry Dale Parks, Ray Hosack, Jeff Swearingen, Justin Duncan, CG Lewis, Nellie Sciutto, Steve Mokate, Jason P. Kendall, Anthony Phoenix, James Yeager, Elizabeth Jenkins, and Jinx Jenkins. Plus, the film was scored by the Killer Klowns from Outer Space composer John Massari.

Official Synopsis for Cherokee Creek:

A surprise bachelor party in the woods gets crashed by the ultimate party animal. Will anyone survive this unexpected night of mayhem?

Cherokee Creek is a creature feature unlike any other. From beginning to end, it delivers a humorous, blood-splattered treat that doesn’t hold back. Perfect casting, old school special effects, and a wickedly fun atmosphere will have you keep coming back for more. These filmmakers say, “Fuck you!” to censorship, and it pays off beautifully. Nonstop boobs, booze, and blood… a night to remember and most likely your last.

As I mentioned before, I went into this film completely blind, so the opening scene threw me off quite a bit. It was executed perfectly, knocked me on my ass as to what was about to happen, and made this story stand out above the others. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

cherokee creek

My favorite part of the film were the characters in the story. They were over the top ridiculous in the best way possible. Raunchy, hilarious, and totally unexpected. Jinx (Jenkins) and Vinny Blades (Blair) were, by far, my favorites, though. I just loved their bizarre relationship and their individual personalities. Vinny is the douchebag you love to hate. Meanwhile, Jenkins is that sideline friend that never gets the appreciation he deserves.

Beyond that, what really makes Cherokee Creek unique is that there is no censorship. These guys say exactly what they feel. and do whatever they want without fear of offending someone. There’s nudity galore from both sexes, a nice amount of blood and gore (you’ll love the effects), and explicit raunchy dialogue that everyone will love. Well, maybe not everyone…

Although this is a creature feature, I feel like the film is more of a story about a group of friends battling their issues in the woods, and there just so happens to be a Bigfoot lurking in the woods. I think the story is far more intriguing than other films like this, and this makes it more relatable and fun.

Final Thoughts on Cherokee Creek:

After viewing this film, I have to be straight up and admit that this is one my favorite films to take place in the woods from the past decade and, by far, one of my favorite Bigfoot films ever. Jenkins executed a ridiculously awesome film that shows how much he enjoyed making it. It’s one that will put a smile on your face, make you laugh, and have you questioning who will die next as the blood splashes across the screen.


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