‘Blackwood’ (2018) Is A Breathy, Atmospheric Short

Blackwood is a short horror film written and directed by Andrew Montague (Attic 2016) and starring Danielle Butlin (Love You To Death 2019), Rowan Howard (The Lucifer Killings 2016), Jim Koutsoukos (Thicker Than Water 2009), and Alanah Parkin (The Anchor 2016).

The story is about a film crew that is shooting on location in a darkening, moody forest. Nikki (Butlin) is the sound technician of the bunch, and remains after the rest of the crew has wrapped so she can get some additional sound footage of the forest. But, she will soon learn that she is far from alone.

I cannot stress enough how incredibly successful this film is with its use of sound. Every single bird, gust of wind, and forest noise heightened the rising mood of dread. This film crackles with fear as Nikki struggles to understand the nightmare unfolding around her. This is a must see film that clocks in at just over 11 minutes. Blackwood is available to watch now on YouTube.

Check it out below:

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