Behind The Walls (2017) Trailer Release

We horror fans have seen a lot of movies about haunted houses. We’ve even gotten pretty good at noticing the signs that an abode is overrun with spirits and demons: blinking lights, cold drafts, levitating dishware, black slime leaking from the walls. Over the years, we’ve seen this paranormal story unfold from the point of view of just about everyone – children, parents, priests, mediums, pets… and even the ghosts themselves. But we have never seen the tale unfold from the view of the house itself until Behind the Walls.

Years it has waited, now someone’s moved in. Through the eyes of the evil within we witness a broken family desperately seeking a new beginning, in a new home, but this house lives, watches and wants them to stay – forever…

Behind the Walls is a haunted house horror film from Dual Vision Films and Roaming Elephant Productions. Told from the perspective of the actual house, Behind the Walls brings the audience into the building’s very structure, making the family that lives there almost secondary characters. The film was directed, produced and written by James and Jon Kondelik (All Hallows Eve 2 (2015) segment “M is for Masochist”). Cinematographer Matt Shapira (God’s Not Dead 2014) also produced.

This creepy haunted house flick boasts quite a few recognizable faces, including Lew Temple (The Walking Dead TV series), Vanessa Angel (Kingpin 1996), Reggie Lee (Grimm TV series) and Hutch Dano (Zombeavers 2014). Emmy Award winner Vincent Guastini created the creature effects while  Joy Divisions George Kallis composed the score for the film.

Behind the Walls looks to be an original, creepy and intense film in the same vein as The Conjuring (2013), Sinister (2012) and A Haunting In Connecticut (2009). We at PopHorror are pretty excited to see what it’s is all about. The movie is currently in post-production. There has not been a release date announced, although filmmakers are shooting for a 2017 release. Check back with PopHorror to find out more news on Behind the Walls!


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