Jason Burke

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a lifelong writer and lover of all things that go bump in the night. Under my production company name, Nostalgic Nightmare Productions, I write and produce films, novels, and photoshoots. I'm also an actor, activist, poet, and stand-up comic. I believe in deep, character-driven stories that engage the audience.

Lionsgate’s ‘ALICE, DARLING’ (2023) – Movie Review

Alice Darling

Sometimes the pieces of art that hit us the hardest are the ones that we can most relate to in our own personal experiences. Above all else, that’s the mark that Alice, Darling strives to reach. Movies in the horror and thriller genres that premiere early in the year often hold the …

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Lucky McKee’s ‘MAY’ (2002) – An Ageless Character Study – Retro Review


Simply put, character studies make some of the most intriguing films ever created. From Hitchcock’s genre-defining Psycho (1960) to the more recent masterclass Pearl (2022, read our review here), horror has allowed us to follow some of the most heartbroken and homicidal figures in history. May (2003) is no exception. It …

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Rick Rosenthal’s ‘The Birds 2: Land’s End’- Vin Sin 2k Restoration Blu-Ray Review

In 1994, a staggering thirty-one years after the original classic, The Birds 2: Land’s End was released for a television premiere. This sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s formative film (our retro review here) gave birth to the saying, “Don’t remake Hitchcock movies,” among the crew. In spite of the critical reviews, this …

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Steel City Con 2022 Impresses Again – Event Review

Steel City Con has quickly become one of Pittsburgh’s most consistent and populated conventions. Emanating from the Monroeville area, this pop culture celebration gathers about four times per year. In a world full of over-saturation and parody, the Steel City Con continues to grow in size and stature with each passing event. …

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‘Where The Scary Things Are’ (2022) Review: ‘Stand By Me’ Meets Universal Monsters

It seems that children adventure movies have found their home lately as a popular sub-genre in the horror community. There’s something nostalgic about a group of young best friends who have to grow up swiftly in the presence of some otherworldly evil, and that’s the kind of feeling that Where The …

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Bill Hinzman’s ‘Flesheater’ (1988): The Zombies Walk Again – Vin Syn 4K Blu-ray Review

In 1968, the world of horror was changed forever as George Romero brought “the living dead” into the public conscience for the first time on a mainstream basis. Twenty years later, Romero’s friend and filmmaking teammate, Bill Hinzman, brought the same concept back from the grave for another feeding frenzy …

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