Jason Burke

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm a lifelong writer and lover of all things that go bump in the night. Under my production company name, Nostalgic Nightmare Productions, I write and produce films, novels, and photoshoots. I'm also an actor, activist, poet, and stand-up comic. I believe in deep, character-driven stories that engage the audience.

‘SUITABLE FLESH’ (2023) Review – Body Swapping Done Right

Suitable Flesh

Body swap horror goes back decades but was popularized in the 1970s by David Cronenberg (The Fly 1986)(check out our tribute article to David here). We’ve seen the transference of souls through all different mediums and purposes in horror. But few modern takes on this trope have been done as …

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‘A CREATURE WAS STIRRING’ (2023) – Movie Review

A Creature Was Stirring

Creature horror goes back to the origins of the genre. From the early silent films to rise of the Universal monsters, to the 80’s slasher boom, larger than life menaces have come in all forms for decades. But with the rise of what fans call “elevated horror”, these creatures have …

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‘MARGAUX’ (2022) Spotlights AI Horror – Movie Review


In the last handful of years, we’ve seen contemporary creators taking their shot at horror based around artificial intelligence. As the world becomes more reliant on machines, the fear in the possibility that these machines could go back is truly endless. The latest entry in the evil AI sub-genre is Margaux from …

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‘XXX-mas’ (2023) – Movie Review

Santa slashers have been sleighing for decades, as cult classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night (Check out our franchise ranking here) and Santa’s Slay have given new meaning to what makes old saint Nick so jolly. Just in time for the passage of Christmas comes XXX-mas, the newest slice of holiday horror from director James …

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‘THE SACRIFICE GAME’ (2023) – Movie Review

‘Tis the season to be scary. At least that’s the goal of the newest Shudder original Christmas horror film, The Sacrifice Game. For as many formulaic Hallmark love stories or nostalgic Netflix capers that we get around the Christmas season every year, there are an equal amount of merry massacres and …

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‘Steel City Con’ Returns With A Scream

About four times per year, the Steel City Con returns to Monroeville, PA with a gigantic list of celebrities and vendors packed to the gills to celebrate all of the greatest fandoms in pop culture. Between celebs, artists, and vendors, there was no shortage of things to occupy the time of …

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‘Nightmare On 34th Street’ (2023) – Movie Review

A good Christmas horror anthology is like a glass of eggnog by the fire after a giant family meal. It contains all the nostalgia and warmth of the classic Christmas seasons gone by, full of comfort and flavor. The newest entry into the holiday horror pantheon is Nightmare on 34th …

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