Join Us For An ‘American Mary’ (2012) Reunion Tour!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Sinister Creature Con at Stockton Arena in Sacremento, California. Among several different panels, the one that I was looking forward to was the American Mary Reunion with creators Jen and Sylvia Soska, Katharine Isabelle (Mary Mason) and Tristan Risk (Beatress Johnson). If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out.

American Mary Highlights

Katie had seen Dead Hooker in a Trunk and still decided to be in American Mary.

Tristan Risk has burned herself before; however, it was not performing fire stunts. It was making taffy.

Katie is, hands down, a Freddy girl; Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) had surprised her with a bouquet of flowers with a headshot of him dolled up as Freddy with the inscription, “For Katie, my favorite victim, love and death Freddy.”

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The Soska Sisters and Tristan, however, are on team Jason. As Tristan says, “His mom should have brought a lawsuit against the camp instead of stabbing everyone.”

Beatress’s voice is based on Ellen Greene from Little Shop of Horrors.

Ruby Realgirl’s surgery was actually performed at Katharine Isabelle’s dog’s vet practice.

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On the American Mary end, Sylvia said,

“I don’t like happy endings because it misrepresents the world we live in. I think it’s weird that we tell children that everything is going to be happy and a prince is going to come save you. And you’re going to find a castle, that’s not reality. American Mary, to me, is reality.”

The U.K. has the best reception of American Mary and the Twisted Twins. Fans will camp out at their hotel just to meet the girls.

Tristan’s Beatress makeup took 3 hours to put on; it took an hour for her to get out of makeup. Two MASTERSFX artists worked on her makeup.

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Katie has Mary’s scissor necklace and Mary’s black jacket.

Sylvia has the jackpot of Mary props: two green dresses, the red scrubs, the dress Mary died in, the lamp shades, her purse, the medical tools and medical bag.

Jen has Ruby Realgirl’s nipple and her surgery prosthetics.

Tristan has two of Beatress’s faces framed and a lot of Beatress’s clothing. About 95% of Beatress’s clothing was from Tristan’s own closet.

Jen and Sylvia’s parents remortgaged their home to be the first investors for American Mary.

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Future Work

The film Crimson Creek Massacre is the newest project the Soskas are working on. This time, they’re in front of the camera instead of behind it. Jen and Sylvia play the Goodtime twins. There is an interesting story about when Jen met her costar, Ken Kirzinger. There is a scene where Jen feels him up before dragging him to a room upstairs. He also chokes Jen’s character before setting her on fire. This will definitely be a film to look forward to.

Tristan Risk is starring as Madame Pong in her new kid’s film Aliens Ate my Homework. Check out our interview with Little Miss Risk.

PopHorror would like to express their appreciation for these four ladies. We look forward to see everything that these women have in store for the future.

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