American Horror Story: Roanoke – “Chapter 7”

American Horror Story: Roanoke had a style change last week. Weren’t we all so excited to see what would happen next? I know I was and I was not disappointed. So much took  place in this episode and I’m here to give you all the 411 on what happened. So, if you have not seen this episode do not read any further. This will be full of spoilers.

Kathy Bates’ character, Agnes, is still running around like she is the actual Butcher. I can’t help but feel a little bad for her. I’m aware she is a danger to everyone, but she is just so damn lovable at the same time. Well, Shelby probably doesn’t agree with me because, towards the beginning of this episode, she is attacked and almost killed by the woman. Dominic saves her in the nick of time but not before she gets butcher knifed in the arm, causing her to lose a lot of blood. Agnes escapes the room so that she can cause more terror later on. Personally, I feel like they should just let her ass run amok on “her” land and take off.

Due to her injury, there is a tender moment between Shelby and her estranged husband, Matt. They seem to make up. That is until Matt wakes up in the middle of the night in a trance that we can all recognize. He is about to seek out his siren. This is where things get really fucking weird. Dominic follows him down into the basement and witnesses Matt telling the siren, the witch of the wood, that he has been waiting for her. In his typical messy nature, Dominic runs upstairs to get Shelby. They return to the basement and Shelby throws the witch off of her husband. Ready for the fucked up part? Matt confesses that the real reason he came back was that he was in love with the witch! Seriously, Matt? Shelby is heartbroken and completely snaps. She bashes Matt’s skull to pieces with a crowbar, killing him in a very Negan-like way.

Can I just say that this pulled at my heartstrings? I totally get that murder is wrong but I also have to add she has a strong case of temporary insanity. The whole time she was beating him to death, I was screaming at her, “No, Shelby! You love him! You don’t really want to do this!” Naturally, she couldn’t hear me. Maybe I’m just a little emotional for American Horror Story: Roanoke, but it broke my heart.

There is a whole side story following Audrey, Monet, and Lee. I’m not gonna go into too much detail because honestly, it didn’t intrigue me. They go for help after Shelby’s attack, and end up being prisoners to the real hillbilly family. Whatever. Although Lee does get her thigh peanut oiled and dry rubbed in anticipation for dinner later. Yum! Oh, and Audrey found her young lover’s body eviscerated and hanging in the trees. The second R in MURDER is for Rory, apparently.

While consoling Shelby, Dominic hears a noise outside. They both go look and see Agnes behaving like the butcher outside the house. It’s the blood moon and soon, the real villagers show up. Guess who is also with them? YUP! THE FUCKING BUTCHER! THE REAL ONE! They come face to face and Agnes begins apologizing – she only wanted to be on TV – but the real Butcher cleavers Agnes’ face in half and the episode goes off.

I am so addicted to what is starting to be the best season of American Horror Story yet. I was definitely disappointed that the rumors of Jessica Lange being the real butcher didn’t happen. However, it was still a poetic death for our dear Agnes. Tell us your thoughts about American Horror Story: Roanoke in the comments and check back next week to stay up to date with what we think about the next episode!

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