Why ‘Anna and The Apocalypse’ Is Becoming An All Time Favorite

Anna and The Apocalypse is quickly becoming one of my time favorite films, and I’m here to tell you why.

I’ll start with the soundtrack, which is what draws me back to this brilliant film over and over again. All of the songs are very catchy and well written. In fact, after you watch the movie, go back and listen to the soundtrack. You can pick up on the foreshadowing in the lyrics.

The choreography and cinematography are also admirable. I feel like the film got gypped in the award nomination department. The opening sequence with the band, Hollywood Ending, is so amazing! As someone who used to write song lyrics, I cannot tell you how impressive it was for them to pull this number off. My second favorite song in the film is “Human Voice,” which was sung by the Anna and the Apocalypse cast. It was such an important, relatable, human moment. We are so attached to technology and how we use it for communication. What if something outrageous happened, and you couldn’t talk to your friends in that old fashioned way of simply talking? What a powerful song.

The premise is pretty simple. If you like Shaun of The Dead (2014 – read our retro review here), then you’re in for a great time with this one. It’s a mix of Shaun and a raunchier version of High School Musical (2006)… so probably more in line with Risky Business (1983) or Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982). To tell you the truth, the premise and soundtrack work so well, I still listen to the soundtrack at work. It’s a highlight of my work day.

The chemistry between the actors and actresses is there. You feel like these people have been around each other for all their lives, which is a rarity with young actors. The friendships in some other films like this feel forced and just don’t work, but the Anna and the Apocalypse cast and crew went above and beyond to make you empathize with every character. It’s a truly amazing experience, watching it all come together.

Favorite Quotes:

John: “You smell like a shoe.”

Anna: “Christmas is fast becoming my least favorite ‘C’ word.”

John: “You wouldn’t be saying that if you were dressed like a festive legend!”

Anna: “You’re right. Dressed like that, you look like a massive ‘C’ word!”

Final Thoughts on Anna and the Apocalypse

In closing, Anna and The Apocalypse is quickly becoming one my favorite flicks ever. I have seen it four times already just since it was release last year – once in the cinema and three times through iTunes. I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of musicals and zombie films.

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