‘Water Horse’ (2019) Crackles With Anxiety And Tension – Movie Review

Sometimes the most is said by saying almost nothing at all. There is very little actual dialogue in the short film, Water Horse, directed by Sean Temple (Illegal 2011) and Writer Sarah Wisner (Safe 2015), but the characters convey so much. The film stars Safe’s Charlotte Rea, Darren Bailey (Vigilante Diaries 2016) and newcomers Lilith Hurley and Joe Covell.


The sudden appearance of an abandoned boat turns the last day of summer into a mother’s nightmare.

Let me start off by saying that Water Horse is incredible. What starts out as a simple and sweet day at the lake for Max (Rea), Dylan (Bailey), and their daughter, Lily (Hurley), takes an eerie turn when an abandoned boat drifts to shore. Concerned, Dylan, goes to check with the neighbors while Max stays with Lily. When Max decides to check on Dylan, she finds that they are all in trouble. Terrified, she decides to fight to protect her daughter.

Water Horse is beautifully shot filmed in stormy blues and grays. The filmmakers use both montages of images and sound to show Max’s stress level as it rises and her anxiety grows. To say more – the film is only eight minutes long, after all – would be to give away the fun. I am so impressed with the acting, especially from Charlotte Rea, who gives an impassioned performance.

Water Horse is absolutely great and worth the watch!


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