Villain Of The Month: Henry Evans From ‘The Good Son’

As horror fans, we have seen it all. From blood sucking vampires, demonic poltergeists, to real-life, sadistic serial killers, evil proves it can take on many forms. However, there is one evil I find to be more unsettling than most: children who kill. Kids are supposed to be pure and innocent, so when I hear about children committing crimes, it legitimately breaks my heart. As sad as it may be, some people just have an innate nature to hurt others. Hollywood has even put out several movies about “bad seeds.” I recall the 1993 film The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin as the demented pre-teen Henry Evans. Have you seen this movie? It is really, really good! For that reason, PopHorror’s Villain Of The Month for April is Henry Evans.


When Henry Evans first appears in Joseph Ruben’s The Good Son, he looks like your average, all-American kid. No one knows that deep down, there rages a psychopath. Where, exactly, did things in the Evans household turn sour? In the beginning of the film, Mark Evans (Elijah Wood) loses his mother unexpectedly. Shortly after, Mark’s father has to go on a business trip. He drops Mark off at his uncle’s house while he is away. Mark meets his extended family for the first time: Uncle Wallace, Aunt Susan, and cousins Connie and Henry. At first, Mark gets on fine with Henry. Eventually, Mark notices Henry’s fascination with death and things start their downward spiral. Boys will be boys, right?

As the film transpires, we are let in on why Henry does the things he does. It is actually one of the more common reasons people kill: Jealousy. That’s right. Henry Evans is one selfish kid. Early on, we learn that his youngest brother, Richard, died at an early age. Later, we learn Henry was the one who killed him. Henry’s mother, Susan, finds Richard’s rubber ducky that Henry had hidden in the shed. When she confronts him about it, he coldly responds, “It was mine before it was his.” I don’t think I have seen more animosity about a rubber ducky before or since.


A good villain always has a way with words. Of course, the words they say are seriously messed up! However, words and actions are what help us decipher their villainous nature. Let’s look back on some of Henry Evans’ creepy sayings.

(Mark struggles and the branch for his footing breaks. Mark dangles high up, barely able to hold onto Henry’s hand)
Henry: If I let you go… do you think that you can fly?

Henry: Hey, I promised you something amazing, something you’ll never forget. Where’s the gratitude?
(Mark stares at the empty look in Henry’s face.)

Mark: What did you do?
Henry: Do? Me? Oh, I get it. You think I put something in my family’s food. You think I – Mark, come on. Do you really think I’d do a thing like that?

Susan: I mean, sometimes when we’re kids, we do things that, um…
Henry: What kind of things?
Susan: Things we feel bad about.
Henry: I don’t feel bad about anything.

Susan: Did you kill Richard?
Henry: What if I did?


Henry Evans is one kid I would never mess with! Here are some examples why:

Poor Dog! – There is one scene in particular where Mark and Henry are outside playing. They pass a dog who begins to bark at them. Henry gets close to the dog’s face and barks viciously back. Mark looks on in bewilderment. I now know that this scene was a foreshadow of events to come. Later, Mark and Henry are shooting cans in the same area where they first seen the dog. Henry shoots the dog and kills it, this time claiming it was an accident.

Mr. Highway – Henry shows Mark a dummy named Mr. Highway that he created, promising to show him something amazing. Mark follows him to a bridge that overlooks a highway. Henry tosses the dummy over the edge into oncoming traffic thus, causing a massive pile-up.

Ice Skating – Mark knows now that Henry is insane, so he does everything in his power to protect his aunt, uncle, and cousin Connie. He knows Henry wants to hurt them. He even sleeps in Connie’s room with her so he can keep watch. When he wakes up in the morning, Connie is gone. Mark races downstairs to find out she went ice skating with Henry. As soon as Mark arrives, he witnesses Henry throwing Connie onto some thin ice where she falls through.

Wow! Now I need to rewatch this! Who knows what kind of person Henry Evans will grow up to be? I can assure you, he will not be a Toys R Us kid. However, this is the Villain of the Month, an area where Henry Evans excels. Congratulations for creeping us thoroughly out, Henry! PopHorror knows horror has no boundaries and Henry Evans is no exception.

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