‘The Lost Boys’ Issue 2 Review: What happened to Grandpa Emerson?

The Lost Boys continues with its second issue which came out November 9, 2016. The comic book series is a sequel to one of the best vampire movies The Lost Boys. Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) continues the story as the main writer on the series while the interior art is done by Scott Godlewski (The Dark & The Bloody). The cover of the issue was done by Tony Harris (Starman, Iron Man). In this issue, we will learn the fate of Grandpa Emerson and what this means for the group now.

We start off with Mrs. Emerson in the police station. Grandpa Emerson did not survive the attack on the Santa Carla Hunters Union. In this issue, we have two storylines: the Emersons dealing with loss and the Frog brothers taking over as the last hunters in Santa Carla.

Sam feels guilty that he never spent much time with his grandfather. In his grief, he tracks down a lead on the new band of vampires. He reviews the recording of when he was talking to a girl in the comic book shop about vampires. Vampires do not show in mirrors or on camera. She talks about an underground city of vampires. The Frogs personally go investigate where the underground city is.

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Meanwhile, Michael keeps his mom company; Laddie and Star are with them. Star leaves saying that this tragedy is her fault and if she does not leave then more tragedy will befall them. This is a classic Star move but it’s not going to stop the terror ahead. The police officers deliver a box of Grandpa Emerson’s things found at the scene. In it contains an application to the Santa Carla Hunters Union. All hope is not lost yet as there is another hunter in the game. Later in the issue, the Frogs go find the underground city, more like the fall down the tunnel into the vampire’s lair. Will they survive or will the be the vampire’s next meal? We have a return of an old big bad and a new hunter in the mix.

Final Thought:
The Lost Boys issue was overall pretty good. Star’s departure was predictable. In The Lost Boys film, she was always flighty. All the characters except Sam haven’t had any character growth, but hopefully, this changes as the series progresses. The series keeps the reader hooked as each issue ends on a cliffhanger, making us want more! Stay Tuned for Issue 3!

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