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‘The Accursed’ (2022) Trailer and Poster Art Revealed-Releasing in Theaters and VOD!

The Accursed

Willy’s Wonderland’s director, Kevin Lewis’s follow up film, The Accursed, is set to release in both theaters and VOD. The film stars Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Sarah Grey (Power Rangers), Meg Foster (They Live), and Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect). Let’s check out the poster art and trailer! The Accursed Synopsis: Elly (Sarah Grey) is asked by …

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Broke Horror Fan, Witter Entertainment Will Be At The Drive-in VHS Fest 666 July 8-9 At The Mahoning Drive-In Theater

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Not only are Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment hooking up again for a new VHS project, but they’re also going to be at the freaking Mahoning Drive-in at the Drive-in VHS Fest 666 to sell their wares! You know you …

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PopHorror Writers’ Favorite Horror Movies And TV Series 2021

It’s always a bit surprising to look back and realize how many genre movies and TV series you’ve managed to squeeze in over the past year. This is especially true in 2021, where nothing was normal and time was fluid. Even the PopHorror writers have fallen victim to this blip …

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Welcome to Willy’s Wonderland (2020): Another Animatronic Nightmare – Movie Review

I love strange films, and one of my newest obsessions is the whole animatronics gone bad scenario. Recently, I reviewed the film The Banana Splits (2019 – read that review here), and then I came across this gem. Welcome to Kevin Lewis’s Willy’s Wonderland, a world fueled by Nicolas Cage’s …

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‘Willy’s Wonderland’ (2021) Gets A Collector’s Edition VHS!

Willy's Wonderland

If you haven’t seen it, Nicolas Cage’s Willy’s Wonderland is a ton of fun! The folks at Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan must agree. They’re bringing the film to Collector’s Edition VHS! When is it available and how can you get a copy? Read on for all the details! …

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Nicolas Cage Does What He Does Best In The Official Trailer For ‘Willy’s Wonderland’

Nicolas Cage in Willy's Wonderland (2021)

After seeing the official trailer and poster for the upcoming horror thriller, Willy’s Wonderland, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Nicolas Cage vs demonic animatronics? Count me in! This film was directed by Kevin Lewis and written by G.O. Parsons. It stars Nicolas Cage alongside Beth Grant, Terayle Hill, Caylee Cowan, …

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