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Vinegar Syndrome’s ‘The Vineyard’ (1989) 4K Restoration Blu-ray Review

Who’s ready for another Vinegar Syndrome release? I know I am! We were blessed by the Vinegar Syndrome Fairy this September, and she sent us two separate Blu-rays… We’ve already reviewed Pledge Night (1990 – read our review here), and now we’re ready for The Vineyard (1989). Who wants wine? The …

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Vinegar Syndrome’s ‘Decoder’ (1984) 2K Restoration Blu-ray Review

Once again, it’s time for our regularly scheduled Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray release! For the end of summer 2019, we’ve got the 1984 indie sleeper hit, Decoder. Never heard of it? That’s probably because you weren’t a part of the antiestablishmentarianism counterculture of the early ’80s. Disco was dead and punk …

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