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‘Tremors’ Star Confirms ‘Tremors 7’ Is On Its Way!

Tremors 7 News From Michael Gross

There are few horror franchises that are as consistently fun as the venerable Tremors series. There are even fewer horror actors who embrace their genre roles with as much passion and gusto as Michael Gross. That’s why we’re delighted to hear that the Graboids will be back, straight from the …

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‘Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell’ (2018) Blu-Ray Review

In the last few days, it was announced that Syfy has officially dropped the Tremor series. For fans of the franchise, like myself, this was a huge bummer. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that I would finally have a chance to watch the 6th installment, Tremors: …

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New Horror Movies For May 2018

Spring isn’t the only thing that’s sprung around here! There are new horror movies popping up like black roses throughout the entire month of May. Check ’em out! May 1 Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell  (VOD, DVD) The sequel finds Burt Gummer and his son Travis at a remote …

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Terrific ‘Tremors’ Giveaway

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell Still

In honor of the next installment in Tremors franchise, we are happy to announce that we will be doing an awesome giveaway! If you love the Tremors series, you will be all for this giveaway! All you have to do is share this post with the caption “#tremors” and let …

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Burt Gummer Delivers ‘Tremors’ Franchise Recap

Burt Gummer still

I’m a huge fan of the Tremors franchise and I can’t wait to watch the sixth installment, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell! The fifth one was amazing so I have high hopes for this one as well. While we’re waiting for the release, here’s an awesome recap of the franchise …

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Official Trailer and Release Date for ‘Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell’

I’m beyond excited to announce that the next chapter in the Tremors series is coming soon! The new film is called Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell and is sure to be one hell of a time! Additionally, Tremors: The Complete Collection will also be available on DVD on May 1, …

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