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‘THIS IS THE END’ (2013) Turns 10! – Ten Fun Facts

This Is The End

The spectacular Apocalyptic comedy This Is The End turned 10 this month. To celebrate PopHorror compiled a list of fun facts! This Is The End is honestly in my top five movies  I’d bring with me if I was stuck on an island somewhere. This Hilarious comedy stars an A-List …

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Top 15 Horror Movies Set in Los Angeles

A lot of films are made in Los Angeles; the second most populous city in the US is the epicenter of the Entertainment Industry, home base to the biggest and most prolific production studios. But Los Angeles is also the setting of many films; sure, it helps to set your …

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Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch on 4/20

Happy International Cannabis Day! April 20th (4/20) has become an unofficial countercultural holiday wherein people gather in large groups to mass-consume marijuana—at precisely 4:20 PM. One of the largest congregations will meet on San Francisco’s famous “Hippie Hill” in Golden Gate Park near the Haight-Ashbury district; the ensuing plumes of …

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