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Aliens and Consumerism: ‘THEY LIVE’ (1988) Still Kicking Ass at 35

They Live

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, John Carpenter’s They Live keeps kicking reality’s ass and making you question the whole circus of life. This 1988 cult classic is a subversive masterclass, mixing sci-fi, social commentary, and sardonic humor like a cocktail that’ll leave you pondering well into the next century. -Soapbox moment. …

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Peacock Kicks Off Halloween Season With 100+ Streaming Horror Titles!

Get your Halloween groove on early, with more than 100 horror titles streaming on Peacock starting September 1st, 2023! This is a pretty fantastic collection, and you’re definitely going to want to check it out! Read on for the details! Screaming Now: Peacock is Your Home for Halloween¬† Boo-kle up: …

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Two John Carpenter Classics Returning To Theaters This Fall

Two John Carpenter classic films, They Live (1988) and Christine (1983) are returning to theaters this Fall, courtesy of Fathom Events! They Live is celebrating 35 years and Christine is celebrating 40 years, so can you imagine a better time to catch them on the big screen? Where and when …

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John Carpenter, A Master Director and Master Composer, Turns 75

John Carpenter turns 75 years old on January 16, 2023. Happy birthday! Let’s look at some reasons Carpenter is such an ironic director and composer, shall we? Oh, and here’s a trailer in case you’ve lived under a rock and have no idea who John Carpenter is: Surely, you have …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Horror Writer And Enthusiast Danni Winn

Danni Winn

If you know me, you know that I go all out for Women in Horror Month and this year I’ve decided to do the same for Pride Month, which is equally as important to me. Representation Matters. I know so many people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community who are …

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Countdown: 11 of the Darkest, Most Twisted Action Movie Scenes

11 of the Darkest, Most Twisted Action Movie Scenes

Genre sticklers, beware! Some movies are more genre fluid than others, and certain action movie scenes could fit into any horror movie. Here’s a list of 11 such movie scenes, arranged in order of bleakness! The criteria for list rank: 1. How many people a scene would hypothetically impact. The …

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Top 15 Horror Movies Set in Los Angeles

A lot of films are made in Los Angeles; the second most populous city in the US is the epicenter of the Entertainment Industry, home base to the biggest and most prolific production studios. But Los Angeles is also the setting of many films; sure, it helps to set your …

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