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Jake Robinson’s FFF Creature Feature ‘The Wendigo’ (2022) – Movie Review

Jake Robinson’s film, The Wendigo, had a limited release back in 2022, and will release worldwide on August 4, 2023 through Terror Films. Let’s take a look at this creature feature and see if it’s worth your time. Synopsis: After a social media star disappears in the woods of North …

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Coming Soon to Digital: ‘THE WENDIGO’ (2022)

Coming soon from Terror Films and director Jake Robinson (My Brother’s Keeper) is a new horror film: The Wendigo. The film stars Matthias Margraves (Tramping Ground), Hunter Redfern (Crackcoon), and Tyler Gene (Lost Connection). The Wendigo Synopsis After a social media star disappears in the woods of North Carolina, his …

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Exclusive Interview: Director Chris Canfield and Producer Eric Corneliuson Talk ‘Black Wood’


Over the last year, thanks to my husband, I’ve grown more fond of Western films, especially ones that incorporate horror elements into the story. That’s why I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Western Thriller, Black Wood. The film is directed and written by Chris Canfield and produced by Eric Corneliuson …

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Interview with Max Wasa: A Life in the Arts

Living out a passion to the point of feeling fulfilled and whole is something many of us strive for, but many fall short of this achievement for one reason or another. One multitalented entertainment industry professional finding her way to fulfillment from an early age is Max Wasa. As a …

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