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Stage Warp Productions ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ – Theatre Review

The Haunting of Hill House has become one of the most popular pieces to adapt in all of the annals of horror. What started in 1959 as a gothic novel from the acclaimed Shirley Jackson has been morphed many times. The film versions include The Haunting in 1963 and a less faithful remake …

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Interview With Brendan Muldowney, Writer/Director Of ‘The Cellar’

Growing up, we did not have a basement. No cellar, crawl space, storm shelter… nothing. So, I find the deep, dark void—the unknown—swallowing the bottom of a set of basement steps truly terrifying. I just don’t like it. Brendan Muldowney’s latest film, The Cellar, plays upon my fears of the …

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Boo! Top 12 Haunted House Horrors

The idea of a haunted house brings quite a specific image to mind. On the edge of a craggy hill, a rambling mansion sits silent and brooding, its many turrets and gables jut sharply into a sky bleached white by lightning flashes. The wind is always howling, the moon is …

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