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Guy Ritchie’s ‘Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre’ (2023) – Movie Review

Operation Fortune

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (2023) is a new action comedy directed and co-written by Guy Ritchie (The Gentlemen, Wrath of Man, Snatch). I know. I know. This isn’t a horror film. Typically, this genre of film is not our cup of tea, but when the opportunity to review a …

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Shudder Lining Up Originals and Classics In January


Shudder is the gift that keeps on giving all year through for horror fans. In December we got tons of Stephen King. In January, there’s a little something more for everyone. They’ve got a bunch of new, original series content. There’s a host of new original films. And of course …

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‘The Faculty’ (1998) – An Underrated Classic Turns 20!

The Faculty (1998)

Screenwriter Kevin Williamson burst onto the scene in the mid 1990’s with a speculative screenplay he called Scary Movie. The Weinstein Company and Director Wes Craven produced the script and re-titled it Scream just before release. The rest, as they say, is history. Scream changed horror forever and made its screenwriter …

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Top 10 Horror Movies That Prove High School is Hell

There’s a reason so many horror movies take place in high schools and/or focus on teenagers; as a colleague of mine is fond of saying: “High school is a horror movie!” Indeed, it’s a metaphor made in Hell. For adolescents charting the dangerous territory between childhood and adulthood, potentially catastrophic …

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