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Taft Studios Presents… ‘The Banana Splits’ (2019)! – Movie Review

Not everything is as it seems. The Banana Splits Movie (click here for another PopHorror writer’s thoughts on the film) was recommended to me by my daughter. Of course, seeing the cover, I thought, “Hmmm okay… people in costumes. A kids’ show. GREAT!” All I can say is that looks …

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Blumhouse’s ‘Fantasy Island’ (2020): No Horror Fan’s Fantasy – Movie Review

Fantasy Island came in as one of the most criticized and panned Blumhouse Films efforts in recent memory. Amidst a list of anticipated franchise sequels in 2020, this film had a lot to overcome as a winter release. Fantasy Island was released as a horror version of the 1978 drama series that …

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‘The Banana Splits’ (2019) Is Mascot Millennial Mayhem – Movie Review

When the trailer for the horror movie version of The Banana Splits dropped earlier in 2019, it left us with a morbid sense of wonder. The film came across like the blackest of black comedies, as Chuck E. Cheese-like animatronics slashed people apart with brutality. Let’s break it down and …

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