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Your Friend ‘Til The End: ‘CHILD’S PLAY’ (1988) Turns 35

Child's Play

Greetings, slasher enthusiasts! Today, we find ourselves delving deep into the unsettling world of Child’s Play, a horror classic that’s managed to entertain us for a staggering 35 years. And when I say Child’s Play, you know I’m referring to the one and only Chucky, though I prefer his Christian …

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‘SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS’ (2023) – Movie Review

She Came From The Woods (2022)

I’m such a sucker for slasher films. For me, there is just something enthralling about watching normal people fighting to survive the night against someone or something that is stalking them. Throw in supernatural elements and I’ll love it even more. That’s why when I heard about She Came From …

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