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John Carpenter, A Master Director and Master Composer, Turns 75

John Carpenter turns 75 years old on January 16, 2023. Happy birthday! Let’s look at some reasons Carpenter is such an ironic director and composer, shall we? Oh, and here’s a trailer in case you’ve lived under a rock and have no idea who John Carpenter is: Surely, you have …

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{Exclusive} Friend ‘Til The End: Interview With Kyra Gardner About Her ‘Living With Chucky’ Documentary

Kyra Gardner fondly remembers scaring the living daylights out of her childhood friends. Rather than princess-themed birthday parties, this October baby opted for Halloween-inspired gatherings that always featured her red-haired, overall-clad “little older brother.” As the daughter of puppeteer and special effects master Tony Gardner, who joined Don Mancini’s Child’s Play franchise in …

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‘Studio 666’ (2022) Trailer Drops, Tickets On Sale Now

Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl are Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and pop culture icons. Just when you think they can’t get any cooler, along comes Studio 666. It’s a new horror film coming soon featuring Grohl and the band, and it looks like a ton of fun! Check …

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