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Mick Garris’s ‘THE SHINING’ (1997) Hits Blu-ray From Scream Factory

The Shining

Shout! Studios is bringing the 1997 adaptation of The Shining to Blu-ray! This all-new release features a 2K scan from the interpositive and audio commentary from Stephen King, director Mick Garris, cast members Steven Weber and Cynthia Garris, and select crew. Badass! The Shining (1997) Synopsis 110 empty hotel rooms …

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The Pack Podcast Features Celebrity Voice Talent This Halloween

Looking for something to listen to while driving trick or treaters around or going to a Halloween party? Eugene Pack’s The Pack Podcast has spooky, old school radio dramas with very familiar voices. From the official press release: Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly (Child’s Play franchise, Bullets Over Broadway), Rob Morrow …

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Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ (2019) Movie Review

When I was a kid, I went to an exhibit at an art museum that celebrated Rube Goldberg machines. While my family wandered the museum and looked at everything else, I stayed in the basement to watch marbles knock over dominoes, light candles, and pour water for what felt like …

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