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Movie Review – ‘Soldier of War’ AKA ‘Aux’ (2019)

On paper and poster, Soldier of War is what you’d get if an author like Robert McCammon wrote First Blood.  An undead vet who doesn’t know World War II is over wages guerrilla war on the local police with a knife and sticks. In execution, it’s not quite the sum of …

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John Rhys-Davies Vs the Undead in ‘Soldier of War’

Soldier of War

An undead soldier rises in Uncork’d Entertainment’s Soldier of War this March! Check out the poster, trailer, and release date down below. This upcoming film is from director John Adams. It has a winning cast including John Rhys-Davies, Rosie Fellner, and Tanya Franks. Synopsis for Solider of War Deep in the forest, …

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