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Roxanne Benjamin‘s ‘There’s Something Wrong With The Children’ (2023) – Review

Maybe it’s just me, but when a title is a complete sentence, I’m intensely intrigued. Then add Blumhouse with the blooming director Roxanne Benjamin who produced some of my all-time favorite horrors in V/H/S and V/H/S 2, and you have my full attention. Let’s take a look at the movie …

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‘Body At Brighton Rock’ (2019) Movie Review

Body at Brighton Road

Ever since the trailer dropped for Body at Brighton Rock I’ve been interesting in checking it out. The premise was interesting and the stills looked terrifying. Let’s just say you’ll never catch me in the wilderness alone by choice. This film was written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin as well …

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XX (2017) Movie Review

When a film has a shitload of buzz around it and expectations are high, sometimes it is hard to not feel disappointed or underwhelmed by the final product. XX is a horror anthology that has a ton of buzz around it, but has had a pretty mixed reaction with horror …

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