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Computers Are The Devil! Taking A Look Back At Eric Weston’s ‘Evilspeak’ (1981) – Retro Review

Clint Howard just doesn’t get enough credit. I had almost forgotten how far back his horror career actually goes. When the Comet Channel started showing Night Gallery episodes, I found one he did one titled “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes.” He shows up in the most unlikely of places, like …

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A Look Back At ‘House’ (1986) Maybe You Can Go Home Again… Retro Review

What do you get when you mix one-part Evil Dead 2 with two part The ‘Burbs then add a pinch of Platoon? Well, boys and ghouls, you get the recipe to the insanely fun and one-of-a-kind ’80s gem of a haunted house flick, House, which released February 28, 1986. Synopsis  …

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Interview with ‘Slay Belles’ Actress Kristina Klebe

The Christmas horror film Slay Belles is the newest entry to the Dread Presents library and is currently one of the most highly anticipated holiday horror films to come out this year. You can read our review of the film right here. Directed by Spooky Dan Walker, the film tells the tale of …

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Movie Review: ‘Slay Belles’ (2018) Slashing Its Way Into Your Heart This Christmas!

slay belles

Epic Pictures/Dread Central Presents has killed it this year with their films proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with and that we will see great things from them in 2019. Until then, I had the privilege of watching one of their newest releases, Slay Belles, and it’s sure …

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Night Train To Terror (1985) Retro Review

God bless the coked out ’80s. In a decade where anything and everything went, Night Train to Terror had it all. The best part is, it’s not just a single movie but three films crammed into one. The film is similar to Creepshow, Tales From the Hood and Terror Tract. However, rather …

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