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Terror Films Adds 10 New Horror Flicks To The Streaming Platform Crackle!

Terror Films

It appears that streaming platforms are the way to go, especially if you love a certain genre or TV series. There’s the ever popular Shudder, plus Midnight Pulp, Screambox, and FrightPix. Now, Terror Films has signed up with one called Crackle where fans can see 1o films from the distribution …

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‘Pool Party Massacre’ Red Band Trailer and VOD News!

Over the past year we’ve talked a lot about Pool Party Massacre. We reviewed it and you know we loved it. Afterward we sat down and talked to the director at length (you should totally check it out)! This week, Terror Films sends word that this much loved indie slasher …

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Interview With Actor John Molinaro from ‘Party Bus To Hell’

Actor John Molinaro first came to my attention in the brief but hilariously memorable role of Mr. Winthrope in Pool Party Massacre (you can read my review of the film here). His latest film is Rolfe Kanefsky’s Party Bus to Hell, which I’m really looking forward to. Recently, I had the …

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‘Horror Hall of Fame’ Brought Back By Geeks of The Industry

For the past five years, the guys over at Geeks of the Industry have been creating and uploading podcasts relating to fabulously geeky stuff from all across the spectrum – from wrestling to the Grateful Dead to cult classics to comic books to celebrity interviews to the subject of podcast …

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PopHorror’s 15 Highly Anticipated Horror Movies for 2017

Are you horror fiends ready for more horror in 2017?! We most definitely are. There are some films that we’ve been highly anticipating for awhile that are finally coming out while others are less known among the mainstream folks, but popular in the indie community. Here are the top 15 …

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Pool Party Massacre: The New Poster is A GOREgeous 80’s Flashback

Several of my friends in the horror community have told me about a horror film that I must check out called Pool Pary Massacre. When I finally looked it up, I was ridiculously excited about it and couldn’t wait to find out more about the story. Just recently, they dropped …

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