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PopHorror’s Horror Anime Reviews: AniMay Week 2 – Monster

It’s week 2 of PopHorror’s month long horror anime deep dive. This means it’s time for something different. In last week’s article on When They Cry (read that one here), we discussed this quintessential horror anime, which is full of hyperbolized emotions, wonky pacing, reliance on Japanese folklore, and environmental …

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A Very Scary ‘Punky Brewster’ Episode

Punky Brewster was a popular sitcom that aired four seasons from 1984 to 1988. It follows the adventures of Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) and her foster father, Henry (George Gaynes). Punky was idolized for her energy, confidence, humor, style, and Punky Power! Since this year is the 34th anniversary of …

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20 Sexy Psycho Valentine’s Day Dates From Hell

Billy Loomis

Valentine’s Day is the holiday where we celebrate Hallmark’s ability to con us into buying chocolates, flowers and candy for the ones we love… or just really, really like. While we fight to make reservations and plan the perfect evening to show our significant others that they’re worth the time, trouble …

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