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Retro Review: ‘Meatball Machine’ (2005) Delivers a Twisted and Gory Love Story

With a special edition Blu-ray coming soon—April 12th, 2021—I thought I would take another look at the techno/splatterpunk and body horror film from Japanese directors Yudai Yamaguchi and Junichi Yamamoto, 2005’s Meatball Machine! Synopsis: Capable of making bio-mechanical weapons out of human flesh, alien parasites grotesquely invade the Earth, turning …

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Cult Classic, ‘Meatball Machine’, Coming to Special Edition Blu-Ray this April!

Meatball Machine

Terracotta Distribution is excited to announce the release of cult hit Meatball Machine on a special limited edition Blu-Ray from 12th April. It’s part tragic love story, part body horror, Meatball Machine is an extreme steampunk gorefest that has stood the test of time since its first release. It has …

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