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Horror Comedy ‘Freaky’ is Releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray this February!


Prepare for a FREAKY take on the body-swap movie which only Blumhouse, makers of Happy Death Day and The Purge franchise, could bring: a teenage girl switches bodies with a relentless serial killer! From the deliciously debased mind of writer-director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, the Paranormal Activity franchise) and …

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Christopher Landon’s ‘Freaky’ (2020) Trailer and Poster Revealed

Freaky (2020)

Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, the Paranormal Activity franchise) is back with an all new, pitch-black horror-comedy: Freaky! It’s a tale about a slasher, a senior, and the brutal truth about high school. This is an all new Blumhouse film starring Vince Vaughn…with body swapping! Sounds awesome, right? Check out …

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‘Supernatural’ Spinoff ‘Wayward Sisters’ Adds New Cast

For 12 years, Supernatural fans have had the Winchester Brothers as they save people and hunt things in the family business. Recently, we’ve heard about a new Supernatural spinoff series called the Wayward Sisters¬†that will kick off with a backdoor pilot aired as an episode of Supernatural during the upcoming …

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