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Interview With Brenda Sue Tolian, An Author With A Masters In Horror

Brenda Sue Tolian is a horror author, co-host of the Burial Plot Horror Podcast, member of the Horror Author’s Guild, and a mother. She also just earned her Masters Degree in Horror from Regis University. The idea of the horror genre and the world of academia just never seemed to …

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Restaurants Latching On To ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Concept

Bird Box

Netflix’s Bird Box took its subscriber base and social media by storm in recent months. Fans of the film decided to create a variety of Bird Box Challenges, much to the chagrin of Netflix management. Many of these challenges involved doing crazy and stupid things while blindfolded. One has to …

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‘Bird Box’ Author Josh Malerman’s Indie Band, The High Strung, Releases New Album

The High Strung

Josh Malerman is the guitarist, vocalist and a founding member of the band The High Strung. If you recognize Josh’s name, it’s probably because his epic novel, Bird Box, was adapted into Netflix’s biggest feature film hit to date. (Check out our Bird Box coverage here.) Audiences will also recognize the band’s song, “The …

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Why ‘Bird Box’ Is Almost A Good Movie

Bird Box, the newest Sandra Bullock film exclusively on Netflix, is almost a good film. Almost. It’s so close. There’s a ton of promise, a strong list of actors and actresses, an interesting premise – it has a lot going for it. And it’s almost, almost a good film. But, …

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Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’ Is Something You Can’t Unsee

Netflix’s Bird Box (2018), which was based on the eponymous book by Josh Malerman, has a plot that revolves around desperate people covering their eyes and ears to prevent seeing a mysterious thing that, when they do see it, will fill them with the uncontrollable urge to kill themselves. Perhaps Bird …

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