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‘Psycho IV: The Beginning’ (1990): Retro Review

The original Psycho (1960 – read our retro review here) is often regarded as the ultimate horror movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic black and white slasher ushered in the prominence of a whole new subgenre, becoming the origin cited as to why a lot of filmmakers got their start into movies. But what’s …

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60 Years of ‘Psycho’ (1960): A Look Back At Norman Bates And Marion Crane

On September 6, 2020, Psycho (1960) turns 60 years old! It has marked its territory as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films ever. The film is something that truly satisfies the taste buds of horror fans, becoming one of the best black-and-white, low budget horror film ever set to film. …

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