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‘Bad Hare Day’ (2021) Takes a Bite Out Of Holiday Horror – Movie Review

Holiday horror has been a fun treat for genre fans ever since the themed movies came into popularity with 1978’s Halloween. We’ve seen nearly every special day get a gory namesake over the years, but it feels like Easter has been a bit underrepresented. That’s no longer the case with the …

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Inside the Bizarre Mind of Director Jonathan Patrick Hughes

I’ve been good friend with filmmaker Jonathan Patrick Hughes for the past couple years now and he always impresses me with is passion. He’s always determined to write and make his film and doesn’t let anyone stop him. He loves Holiday horror films just like me and has a quite …

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‘Tales From The Grave’s’ ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ (2018) Episode Review

Tales From The Grave: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Tales From The Grave is a horror anthology web series that features a new director for each story. The latest episode, Hallowed Be Thy Name, premiered this week. This time, it was Jonathan Patrick Hughes’ ((S)aint Nick 2016) turn behind the camera. I will tell you in all honesty, I haven’t watched …

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‘(S)aint Nick’ (2016) – A Chillingly Creepy Christmas Story – Movie Review

Some holiday stories are full of laughter and cheer meanwhile others show the darker side of the season. Not everyone enjoys this time of year, sometimes it’s full of loss – loss of money, loss of family, loss of everything we hold dear. The true meaning of the holiday season …

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