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Interview With Julie Anne Prescott: An Undying Love for Indie Horror

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, I had a blast speaking with Julie Anne Prescott about her countless upcoming film projects and her love for indie horror. Discussing everything from her start as a spokesmodel for Troma Entertainment to the time she was an extra in Rock of Ages …

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Frames of Fear 2 (2017) Movie Review

Awhile back, we shared the trailer for Frames of Fear 2, a shot on video indie horror anthology. Ever since I saw that trailer I have been anxiously awaiting the final product. The time has finally come and I was able to check out the film. So what did I …

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SOV Anthology ‘Frames of Fear 2’ Gets A Trailer

There is just something about anthology films that I love. I think it’s that they keep you on your toes, never knowing what to expect. The subject matter and tone can vary drastically from segment to segment but usually they are all tied together by an overall theme or a …

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