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Thomas R. Rondinella’s ‘Blades’ (1989) Vinegar Syndrome 2k Restoration Blu-ray Review

It’s time for another Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray release! Today, we’re talking about Thomas R. Rondinella’s 1989 horror comedy, Blades. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Blades, huh? Must be about knives… a slasher! Or maybe about ice skates… a hack ’em up hockey team! Ooh or maybe it’s about …

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John P. Finnegan’s ‘Girls School Screamers’ (1986) Vinegar Syndrome 2k Restoration Blu-ray Review

Next up from Vinegar Syndrome’s August 2021 releases is John P. Finnegan’s movie, Girls School Screamers, from Troma Entertainment. Despite the Troma label, this isn’t a typical Lloyd Kaufman puke and poop adventure. This film is an out-and-out slasher with beautiful girls, stereotypical characters, and maybe a gallon of blood. …

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Joseph F. Robertson’s ‘Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies’ (1992) Vinegar Syndrome 4k Restoration Blu-ray Review

There’s no telling what will come in the mail from Vinegar Syndrome. It’s always a complete surprise to me what they will choose to send for review. For August 2021, I found 3 Blu-rays waiting patiently in my mailbox: John P. Finegan’s Girls School Screamers (1984) and a delectable little …

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