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88 Films Launches Second Italian Cinema Restoration Project

88 Films Italian Restoration Project

88 Films is launching another Italian cinema restoration project. This time out, they’re looking for help remastering the cult films Beatrice Cenci and 11 Days, 11 Nights for Blu-ray release. The 88 Films team hopes to raise £25,000 to complete the project. They’ve taken to IndieGogo to raise the funds …

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The Enchanted Architecture Of Modern Horror… An Interview With Filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo

Director/producer/cinematographer Italian maestro Domiziano Cristopharo is changing the face of modern horror and has his scope on the North American market by creating some of the more extreme horror movie titles to surface in recent memory. Christopharo’s involvement with the film Sacrifice, directed by Poison Rouge, has proved to be …

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Report: Severin’s 10th Anniversary

Horror film triple-features were staples of the grindhouses and drive-ins of yore. For the price of one ticket, theater-goers could experience a triple helping of low-budget horror flicks. With the grindhouses, this was usually a way for low-rent humans to get out of the elements for a while or hide …

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