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‘Slashening: The Final Beginning’ (2020) Movie Review: A Trom-tastic Slasher Spoof

Following Alfred Hitchcock’s ’60s classic, Psycho, the horror slasher subgenre was born. As terrors such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees hacked their way through decades of cinematic horror, an array of inspired smash hit comedic spoofs emerged. Films such as Scary Movie, Creep, and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil …

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Your Favorite Puppet Is Back in ‘Puppet Master: Axis Termination’

After the original was released in 1989, the horror film Puppet Master is still continuing strong with its twelfth film in the franchise. Blade and his puppet friends are back in the concluding film in the Axis trilogy. Full Moon released a trailer for the new film, titled Puppet Master: Axis Termination. Official …

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