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‘Jason X’ (2002): Two Decades Of Killer Space Camp – Retro Review

Jason X

Where do you take a horror icon who’s been pretty much everywhere else? Why, to Space, of course! The Critters went there. Pinhead went there. The Leprechaun went there. You knew it was only a matter of time before Jason Voorhees left the cozy confines of Camp Crystal Lake (and …

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Women in Horror Month Recasting an Icon: Jackie Voorhees

We’re going strong with Women in Horror Month at PopHorror, and that means it’s time to stop playing around. There’s one name in horror that everybody knows. There’s one face-obscuring piece of athletic equipment that makes lusty teenagers run in fear. There’s one undead Super Slasher that deserves new life …

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Flashback Friday! -‘Friday the 13th’ Edition!

It’s Friday. More specifically, it’s Friday the 13th and sadly we won’t be seeing another Friday the 13th until next year. I decided to keep it simple this Flashback Friday and take a look at Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise. I am a Michael Myers girl all …

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Friday the 13th: The Game – No Uber Jason and More Sad News!

friday the 13th the game

It’s a sad day for fans of the Friday the 13th: Game as the sleeper hit announced that they had been officially effected by the ongoing legal battle over who has ownership of the franchise. As a gamer, and a horror fan, this is incredibly crushing. Between Friday the 13th, and …

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Seven Horror Sequels That *NEED* To Be Set In Space!

We’ve seen it before. Horror franchises run out of ideas, and what happens? Our beloved psychos and monsters get sent into space. It happened with Hellraiser. Part 4, Bloodlines, had Pinhead in space. The fourth Leprechaun film also shot for the Moon. The Prince of Darkness went out of this world in Dracula …

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‘Friday the 13th The Game’ Gets Bots, Shelly, & Jason X!

Friday the 13th The Game

I can’t remember the last time I saw a game take such good care of its player community. Gun Media, the folks behind Friday the 13th The Game, continue to put out amazing new FREE content! Their latest updates include a new counselor, offline play, and new kills. And, they …

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AMC FearFest 2017 – What Are You Most Excited to See?

amc fear fest 2017

Now that it’s October, we want to make sure all of our readers are horror-educated on where to find the best films this month. AMC FearFest is known for their great selection and it’s become a yearly tradition for many fans of the genre.  Sadly, this year, AMC FearFest will only …

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Meet Our Writers: Kenn Hoekstra

Smile you son of a....

Kenn Hoekstra joined the PopHorror team on August 29, 2016. His first article commemorated William Friedkin’s birthday. One year and 80-ish articles later, Kenn is here to enjoy long walks on the beach and talking about himself in the third person*. So what is this Kenn Hoekstra guy all about? Let’s …

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