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Fionn and Toby Watt’s ‘Playhouse’ Is Solid Gothic Horror From Two Up and Comers – Movie Review

I adore a good atmospheric story. Great scenery can sometimes help the viewer forgive a multitude of sins in a film. But atmosphere only takes a film so far, and the story still must sustain the finished product. The story in Fionn and Toby Watt’s new film, Playhouse, almost holds …

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Fionn and Toby Watts’ ‘Playhouse’ Coming Soon to Digital And VOD

Coming soon to Digital and VOD is a new horror/thriller directed by Fionn and Toby Watts called Playhouse. The film stars Grace Courtney (Holby City TV series), William Holstead (Christmas Presence), James Rottger (The Break), and Helen Mckay (Such is Life). It will be on available on November 17, 2020. …

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