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Review: ‘Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor’ Fleshes Out World Behind the Abbadon Hotel

Of all the categories of horror films, my heart will always belong to the found footage genre. Of those, I dearly love Stephen Cognetti’s Hell House LLC series, which follows mysterious and deadly events at the Abaddon Hotel in rural New York. After completing the trilogy in 2019, fans may …

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New Poster And Trailer Released For ‘Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor’

New Poster and Trailer Released for ‘Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor,’ directed by Stephen Cognetti (Hell House LLC). The film stars Bridget Rose Perrotta (Scratch-Off), Destiny Leilani Brown (Copperhead), and James Liddell (Two Ways to Go West). It will debut as an official selection at the 14th Annual …

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Sibling Estrangement Amongst Alien Invasion: ‘FIRST CONTACT’ – Review

There are so many ways you can tell an alien story. Often, it’s from a place of fear. The aliens are some kind of threat. Sometimes it’s from a place of wonder that ultimately ends up going wrong. First Contact takes a little bit of a different approach embedding its story in …

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‘SCREAM OF THE WOLF’ and ‘FIRST CONTACT’ Coming To Digital and DVD From Uncork’d Entertainment


Coming soon to Digital and DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment are two new horror films: Scream of the Wolf and First Contact. Scream of the Wolf is directed by Dominic Brunt (Evie) and stars James Fleet (Bridgerton – TV Series), Nicky Evans (The Contract), and Jay Taylor (Ravage). It will be …

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