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Domiziano Cristopharo’s ‘The Obsessed’ (2019): How Far Would You Go For Love? Once You’re Gone, Can You Come Back? – Movie Review

When it comes to love, some of us fall hard, quickly, and in some cases, become attached rapidly. These feelings can be mutual, and sometimes they won’t be shared. It can be hard for celebrities in the public eye who have to carry an image that they’re available for anyone, …

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Domiziano Cristopharo’s ‘Last Day – The Best Of Me’ Film News

The always gracious and busy Italian director/producer/cinematographer, Domiziano Cristopharo, was kind enough to give Pophorror some news on one of his many upcoming projects. A collaboration with Albanian company Bad Trip Bros, Last Day – The Best Of Me promises to be a crazy body horror film experience and the first …

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