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Exclusive Interview: An In-Depth Conversation with the Team Behind ‘Stalker’ (2021)

I recently had the opportunity to interview the masterminds behind the new horror thriller, Stalker (read our review – HERE). Tyler Savage, Dash Hawkins, and J.P. Castel work together brilliantly and it was very interesting to learn about their history, their thought process on filmmaking, the inspiration behind Stalker, their …

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Movie Review: Tyler Savage’s ‘Stalker’ (2021) Delivers Non-stop Thrills and Twists


If you love a unique story with wild twists, Stalker is for you! This film was directed by Tyler Savage as well as co-written by himself and Dash Hawkins. It stars Christine Ko, Vincent Van Horn, and Michael Lee Joplin. It was also produced by J.P. Castel, Dash Hawkins, Daniel …

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