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Trailer, Poster, and Release Date for ‘Piercing’


I watched Piercing last year for the 2018 Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival and I must say it truly blew my mind. It was intense, unexpected, and utterly fun. I’m excited that it’s finally getting a release date as I think everyone will enjoy this one! Check out the poster, trailer, …

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2018 Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival Wraps Up 7th Edition!


Ithaca Fantastik wraps 7th edition! Best film and best director honors go to Gus Krieger for his first feature¬†MY NAME IS MYEISHA! Press Release: Last Sunday, The Ithaca Fantastik film festival wrapped up another successful edition of genre programming, documentaries, events and guests in gorgeous Upstate New York. The 7th …

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Ithaca Fantastik 2018: ‘Piercing’ Movie Review: Delightfully Disturbing


PopHorror was lucky enough to help cover the 2018 Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival, one of our first reviews is the horror thriller, Piercing. Piercing is one that I’ve wanted to see for awhile. I kept missing the chance with each passing festival and I was stoked to finally see it. …

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