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‘THE REAPER MAN’ Cometh: Spoiler-Free Review

The Reaper Man

‘The Reaper Man‘ scores a major win for independent horror. Jaron Lockridge is a filmmaker who can make a lot happen with just a fraction of what Hollywood offers its directors. His talent is on full display with his latest film, The Reaper Man (2023). An independent filmmaker hailing from …

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Grief Fable, A Review of ‘Midsommar’ (2019)


There are few things that make one feel as helpless as grief. Losing a loved one isolates and warps a person until they are as a buoy at sea: adrift, bobbing, clanging a mournful song to a barren ocean of loss. One way to slow this agonizing tide is to …

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Movie Review – ‘Dead Love’ (2018)

Death can be beautiful to some. Love can be cruel, and it can lead to horror. These were some of my thoughts as I watched Colin Floom and Greg Nemer’s 2018 film, Dead Love. It is a story of loss, grief, love, passion, cruelty, and death. Sometimes the blood just won’t wash away. So …

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