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[Cinepocalypse 2018] ‘Gags’ Review: Scared of Clowns? You Will Be!

gags the clown

Cinepocalypse 2018 is slowly wrapping up. Our second to last film we will be reviewing is Gags. Coulrophobes, beware! I remember hearing about this real life spooky clown that terrorized Wisconsin. It went viral on all social media, and gave good clowns everywhere a bad name. After seeing this film, …

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Horror Short Gags: No Laughing Matter

Some people believe money is essential to making a great film. However, there have been plenty of successful low-budget films while major studios with deep pockets can create a 2 hour and 30 minute flop. Gags, a short horror film out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, proves that money isn’t everything …

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